HEJ, KIA ORA, שלום

... this was "hello" in Swedish, Maori and Hebrew.  The native languages of my top 3 most favorite countries I've visited so far.

My mission?

Exploring the unknown - there exist loads of travel guides to almost any point on earth. But they mostly focus on the same must see activities. I want to look behind the scenes. And get to know the places from an authentic perspective.

Sharing positivity - psychologically, it's normal to always remember the "bad" stories better. Presented to us by media, politics, lobby groups. I want to tell you the countless astonishing good ones! About hospitality and humanity that exist in every corner.


Do you want to get out there as well?

To step into your adventure?

To discover the world?
To confront and overcome your fears?
Join the ride!


Here I want to share with you my own story about low budget traveling, adventures, ideas, the ups and downs of this one big rollercoaster, the possibilities but also the challenges I am facing.

So, fellow adventurer - hop on and tell me your story! What are your biggest challenges right now?

Stay curious,

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