HEJ, KIA ORA, שלום

... hello in Swedish, Maori and Hebrew; the native languages of my top 3 most favorite countries I've visited so far.

The warmest welcome and thanks heaps for your interest in my website 🙂 Here you'll find gathered information, experiences, posts, photos, dreams, ideas or simple scribbles of thoughts about a lifestyle of travel and adventure.

And I wanna help YOU with the information I'm able to share, so you can do the same!

I believe that one main problem of how our society works is that mostly the "bad" stories are remembered, as presented to us by media, politics, lobby groups. However, for each of those there are countless astonishing good stories that just don't find their way to people. Here is my contribution to make your minds a little more positive.

To empower each other.
To step into adventure.
To discover the world.
To confront and overcome our fears.


I focus on authenticity - to get past those unrealistic tourist experiences and having a genuine perspective on places. It’s not my purpose to experience leisure, but culture. Here I want to share with you my own story about low budget traveling, adventures, ideas, the ups and downs of this one big rollercoaster, the possibilities but also the challenges I am facing.

So, fellow adventurer - join my journey and feel free to get in touch! I'd love to hear your story, too!


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