The Fresh Start That Changed My Life

A closer look.

New chapter of life, new everyday adventure. What does that look like?

Well, it all started with a weekend of two hairdressers having completely messed up my hair, me having packed my stuff into my rental car, quickly saying goodbye to my parents who farewelled me still in their pyjamas (hey, it was Sunday morning 10am…), and then rushing off to Frankfurt. When my phone then on random selection played “Take me to a higher plane”, I started laughing – and realizing that I really made it until here. Huge thing.

Five to six hours later I arrived in an amazingly calm cute little town called Heusenstamm. Seriously, nothing’s happening here and yet I need less than 20min by train to central Frankfurt. I have a little garden and a rooftop, the forest is just two minutes from here, when you meet someone in the streets you always greet each other, my host mom is super cool. I lived in so many different places within the last two years that a little steady home for the next 6 months – a freaking fully equipped house! – is just like heaven now!

On my first day at work, I of course took the wrong bus and was half an hour late. My boss just said, winkingly, at least I’m already learning a lot today. So my job, how freaking lucky am I, is amazing as well! I’m working with the representative for equality of opportunity of Lufthansa, and dealing with topics like diversity, gender, job and family / home care, and organizing a 6 weeks long vacation program for 180 employee’s children, where each week 30 children will be led through the whole company, like planes and kitchen and tailoring and engineering and security areas – meaning, basically I’ll be the kid marvelling all the time. My collegues are funny and helpful, summer is here and I already found a gym with a swimming pool, I have my bike here and am ready to discover new cycling and hiking routes, I have cool roommates (my host mum rents out to up to 4 people in the house, it’s huge), I finally got started on my new nutrition planned, and am super excited for all the adventures ahead!

It was just about time to let go of some habits. For me, this was not possible in my known surroundings with known people – although they are very beloved friends – I just needed this “everything new”. As happy as can be 🙂

The Fresh Start That Changed My Life
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